Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough. Sink or Swim?

Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough

Easy Peasy

I was a bit surprised to see Pillsbury gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough at my local Walmart, they don’t even have a gluten free shelf.

Right out the gate this dough is already looking pretty good since its pre-made and available locally.

Can you say convenient?

Hows it taste?

Last night I baked a dozen of these Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookies for my sister and my dad to try.

After one bite my dad was sold,  he mumbled they’re good! And requested another.

My sister snuck one behind my back before I could even offer  her one. She said they were “too gooey” and advised that I cook them for a bit longer but she said they taste normal.

Honestly before I even tasted the cookies I knew that they were going to taste good, for two reasons.

1.  Most of the non-gluten free Pillsbury products that I have had in the past I have liked.

2.  Pillsbury has known for a while that the gluten-free market is ripe and I do not think that they would put out a unsatisfactory product.


Scooping the cold dough from the container with a Tbs was a tad crumbly but overall held up just fine to form a ball.

They only took a few short minutes to cook and after cooling off for 12 minutes I took a bite and joyfully took another as I reached for a tall glass of cold milk to dunk my cookie. Unlike other pre-made doughs, this dough was not gritty all and didn’t have a weird aftertaste.

After munching on a few more cookies I popped them in the freezer for about an hour then scooped vanilla and chocolate ice cream in-between two cookies and saved some ice cream sandwiches for anther day.


  • They’re available locally
  • They taste great
  • You can make one or two at a time and save the rest for later


  •  Low-quality ingredients
  • Contains dairy and soy

 Who is this product good for?

 Anyone who is in a pinch and needs gluten free cookies ASAP.

Have you tasted these cookies? What do you think about the taste and texture?


Scoop of Pillsbury gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough


Freshly baked with a side of almond milk


I couldn’t resist making mini ice cream sammies


Can’t forget vanilla

  • Jennifer Boggs

    This has been out for a while and the Wal-Marts in my area all have gluten free shelves.

    • http://gfmagazine.com/ AndrewCordova007

      Lucky you. I live in a smallish town with very limited options.

      • Christine

        Walmart online sells a large selection of GF products, and ships free to most areas!

        • http://gfmagazine.com/ Andrew Cordova

          Good to know thanks!

  • Carol Cripps

    I haven’t tried them yet, but it might be a good idea to get some, and take it over to my sister’s house. She’s convinced that a) my gluten intolerance is “all in my head” (of course0 and b) that not only does gluten free stuff taste awful, but she “needs her gluten”. This despite the fact that she has seen her son take an entire batch of home made gf cookies (4 dozen) up to his room so that he didn’t have to share them. At least if they’re Pillsbury, she might try them, and at the worst, I have stuff I can eat at her house, because all *her* goodies are off-limits for me.

    • http://gfmagazine.com/ AndrewCordova007

      These cookies might do the job, they’re pretty good.

    • jurismorte

      Bring them over and don’t tell her they’re gluten free. Bet she doesn’t know the difference!

    • Maggie J

      I’ve gotten that “all in her head/spoiled brat” crap since I was a kid. At best it was acknowledged that I had a sensitive stomach. At worst, one uncle suggested the belt as a cure. I still get the eye roll from one aunt despite having had positive blood and skin tests that show my gluten allergy, and having had two elderly relatives diagnosed with celiac, which has gone un-diagnosed for their whole lives!

      I take my own snacks when I visit friends or relatives and don’t feel at all bad about not sharing,

  • Kristin Wiggin

    My son and I love these cookies. We found out he had celiac 5 years ago, so we are always trying new things when they come out. I like them better than the Betty Crocker mixes that you can make.

    • http://gfmagazine.com/ AndrewCordova007


  • jurismorte

    I’ve made them twice so far…once just for me and once for people at work. I completely fooled the folks at work who thought they contained gluten. :-) They are very yummy. Hadn’t thought about making ice cream sandwiches with that. SO doing that next time!!

    • http://gfmagazine.com/ AndrewCordova007

      Ice cream sandwiches are a must :)

  • Karen

    These cookies are awersome!!!!

  • deb

    The pizza dough is nasty. I ruined/lost a lot of ingredients making a pizza. Had to throw the whole thing out. The cookie dough has soy so I can’t eat t.

    • Linda

      I scraped all the stuff off the top of my pizza and threw the crust away. The pei crust was awful too, but I do like the cookies

      • http://gfmagazine.com/ AndrewCordova007

        I’m a bit surprised that nearly all of the feedback on the pillsbury pizza dough is so bad. Needless to say I won’t be giving it a try.

        • Maggie J

          I’ve also tried all three products, and I agree that the cookie dough is good because you can make only a few when you want a snack.

          But yeah, that pizza dough blows. The first time I missed the part about pre-baking my crust. The second time I followed the directions and noticed no difference in the crust. In addition, I tasted it while I was rolling it out, and it had a weird aftertaste. I’d guess that comes from the bean flour.

  • Heather

    After learning they are not dairy free, I won’t be trying these. I usually use King Arthur gluten free cookie mix and do my own add ins. They are very good (All the King Arthur gf mixes I’ve tried so far have quickly become my favs). Too bad this Pillsbury dough isn’t dairy free…I like the idea of only making a few at a time.

  • KGarza

    Thank you for including in your above review that they are made with “low quality ingredients”.

    I visited the Pillsbury website to copy the GF chocolate chip cookie ingredients list
    [Brown Sugar, Rice Flour, Semisweet Chocolate Chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural flavor), Water, Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Sugar, Corn Starch, Modified Potato Starch. Contains 2% or Less of: Eggs, Modified Tapioca Starch, Salt, Baking Soda, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavor].

    We won’t be buying them in our household.

  • Csmith

    I usually alter my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, but did try Pillsbury in a pinch. Unfortunately, I stayed up late to then make my honemade cookies, I didnt care for them at all. I also have tried the pizza crust and it was not very good either.

  • Carin

    They are certainly good in a pinch and were available at a local chicken BBQ this past week where i live. I have made them at home as well. When still quite warm they do display the gritty texture of GF baking. I have also tried the pizza crust, and will not be trying again. Hoping the single comment about the pie crust proves to be incorrect, really want some pie this Thanksgiving!

    • SusanT1

      Try Katz Gluten Free Bakery it’s in NY. They even have a sample of their products to purchase.

  • Froglady Renee

    I’ve tried the gf Pillsbury cookie dough and found them to be great! I didn’t bake them as long as it said and when they came out I cooled them . Then I made mini ice cream Sammie’s too! Put them in the freezer and have been enjoying them ever since! I don’t find them crumbly or gritty… Hmmmm I let the dough I’m going to use get room temp before scooping in to cookie sheet. They also made a great cookie crust for pies…..

  • Anne Antrim Alden

    Hi Andrew, I haven’t tried these, but I wanted to pipe in about the pie dough. Thumbs down. Tried with a chicken pot pie first time, threw the whole thing out. The crust has some sort of weird sweet/fake flavor and is very greasy. I had purchased 2 tubs so I could try with a sweet pie and I really, REALLY wanted a cherry pie. The dough wasn’t as bad this way – didn’t really notice the weird sweetness, but it still was very greasy and I had a belly ache after eating just the crust. So sad. :( And… I decided to ignore the ingredients listing just this one time, because I would never buy anything with so much garbage in it. The allure of pie got the better of me.

  • Bob Grandjean

    Andrew, I have to agree with what you said about non GF products by Pillsbury being of a good quality and taste and when they came out with the Gluten Free products I purchased them without hesitation. I most definitely agree with your sister’s comment that the chocolate chip cookies are much to moist but found that baking them longer only proved to burn them. I also am not a total fan of the Chocolate Chip Cookies as I find them a bit to sweet and not equal in taste to a good home baked Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have found their pizza dough to be easy to use and only using the amount that was needed for your personal sized pie. I do like their GF pie dough, it is as versatile in making pies as it is to making rustic fruit crostata’s. I hope that someone might have an answer on how to fix the problem with the Chocolate Chip Cookies being to moist..

  • Marilyn Ritchey Rae

    I LOVED the cookie dough! (I added pecans) Tried topping a pot pie with the pie crust – GREAT flavor and texture! The pizza crust never baked through (very doughy and greasy) – Yuck