Organics Chicken Broth – Gluten Test

Today I’m going to be testing the organics brand chicken broth for gluten. I will be using a glutentox home test kit to perform this test.

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So yesterday, I was at the grocery store. I needed to pick up some chicken broth and they were out of the Pacific Brand, which is the one I usually purchase. It says gluten-free right on the label. And my second best option was the Organic’s brand chicken broth. There was nothing suspicious on the label to make me thing there might be gluten in there. I even called up the representative at Safeway, the company that makes the chicken broth. Sure enough, she was able to reassure me that there’s no gluten ingredients, but she was unable to tell me whether or not the chicken broth was made on a shared line that also processes or makes chicken broth that might contain gluten or anything else that might contain gluten.

So she told me that she’d call me back in a few days, but I don’t have time for that, so I’m going to test it myself and see whether or not if there’s any detectable gluten. Obviously, there’s no gluten on the label, nothing suspicious, but I’m just curious to see what the likelihood of cross-contamination might be.

Organics Chicken Broth Gluten TestSo I’m going to be using the GlutenTox Home Test Kit. I hope you can see it here. Basically we’re going to be looking at this little window right here and waiting for a pink line to appear. So if a pink line appears, that means the test is positive and there is detectable gluten. I’m going to be testing at five parts per million, which I know is less than the gluten-free. If it’s positive at five parts per million, I’m testing it at twenty parts per million just to see if there’s any detectable gluten within that range.

So the test will take about 20 minutes, but I’m going to speed it up, so it only takes about one minute. And again, the pink line will appear within ten minutes. If you don’t see it, it’s negative.

If you would like for me to perform more tests like these, if you like this kind of video, if you’re curious about other ingredients or products, let me know in the comment section and I might test that product in the future.

Please let me know why you want for me to test that product. It maybe had you eating in the past and gotten sick or maybe it’s something that you’re afraid to eat that you want to reintroduce in your diet. I’m just curious. Let me know. And I will see you next time. My name is Andrew for

Okay, so what you see in front of you now is me performing the test of the Organic’s chicken broth. The whole test takes about 20 minutes, but thanks to hyperspeed, it’s only going to be about 45 seconds. What we’re looking for here, the key thing is to see if there’s going to be a pink line that appears on the test strip.

And the test strip will appear right now. So now we’re looking at the little window there. We’re looking for a pink line. The blue line just signifies that the test is valid.

So if there’s no pink line within ten minutes, it means that there’s no detectable gluten. So we’re coming up on about ten minutes now. The pink line should have already appeared. I don’t see it. So this chicken broth is gluten-free.

If you’d like for me to test other stuff, let me know in the comment section.

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  • Froglady Renee

    Nice! I would be curious to have tested any product that says gluten free but manufactured on shared equipment….that would answer my question of why they would say its gluten free …..

    Thanks Andrew!!!!

  • Valerie

    Hey Andrew, really like the test, thanks for the idea. I would be intersted to see tests on brand name barbecue sauces that we can find in regular/non organic grocery stores (such as Hunts brand, I believe I have been glutened one time and suspect it comes from that). Ingredient lists don’t always clearly state what it is made of and may not seem suspicious. I live in North Carolina where barbecue is huge and I have stopped eating pulled pork for fear of being contaminated…

    • Dave Barber

      Hi Valerie. You should try Stubb’s BBQ sauce. It’s awesome and certified GF. Many flavors.They sell it at most chain grocery stores.

  • April Gwynn

    I would love to see a test on the Mike’s Hard Lemonade beverages. Doesn’t matter which one. They clearly state on their site that they are gluten free, but there is a lot of controversy about it online. They are a malt beverage, but supposedly are put through a special distillation process to make them gluten free.

  • laurie

    Mission recently changed their white corn tortillas to make them ” softer.” Since they did this, I react to them even though they are clearly labeled gluten free. l’m wondering if they are now cross contaminated since I never reacted before. These used to be a staple in my fridge, not any more. :-( I’d love to see the results of a test on those.

  • Micki

    Love that you did this test. Please continue to test products, it is very helpful. Wondering where I can get a test kit for use at my home? Also curious about the ability to test solid foods, such as the Uber Larabar – Sticky Bun. I had one last night and am really sick this morning – to the point of having to take a PSL day off work. Thank you!

    • Andrew Cordova

      You can purchase glutentox home test kits at which are able to test both solid foods and liquids.

  • Jeni

    I would love to see tests done on Pantene shampoo. something is making my head itch and itch. I keep changing shampoos but no relief. I need help!!!

    • Jenifer C

      First, I know this sounds crazy, but wash your hair with dog shampoo! (Or Tail and Mane) As told by a vet, dog shampoo has to be pH balanced, and is a great clarifying shampoo for us! Do this before trying a new shampoo (I would do it for a few washes), then look for shampoos for dry scalp. I used to use “Scalpicin” when my dry scalp wouldn’t stop itching…it worked pretty well! It’s a liquid you apply directly to the spots that itch. Hope this helps!

  • mom22zs

    If you could test advocare’s fiber drink and spark drink that would be great. If you need me to, I can send you the samples.

  • Gail

    Hi Andrew, On items like the broth you just tested, does this mean that the broth is always gluten free or just that container? What if they were not making something gluteny that day but the next batch they were?
    So in other words, can we be certain with each purchase of home tested products that we are safe?
    Thanks, Gail

    • Jennifer @ Gluten Free School

      You are right, Gail. Batches change and a company that boasts a Certified GF Label are required to test batches if they’ve gone through a certification process. Testing one container does not guarantee that everything you pick up off the shelves will also be gluten-free.

    • Andrew Cordova

      Gail, this test only proves that the sample from the container that I tested is gluten free. The only things you can be absolutely certain are safe to eat are fresh vegetables, meats, and fruits.

  • Facebook User

    I would love it if you could test Tostitos brand Scoops (tortilla chips). It does indicate gluten free on the label, and the ingredients are just corn, vegetable oil and sea salt. But I have gotten really super gassy after eating them with homemade salsa (fresh tomatoes, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, salt and lime. all but the onion, salt and lime are straight from the ground. Onion and lime are from the produce section).

    • Marley Davidson

      Look at how much salt is in it – whenever I have tortilla chips or feta, my stomach goes all wonky because of the increase in sodium. Try another brand of tortillas like Garden of Eatin’.

    • Jennifer @ Gluten Free School

      Since you’ve got so many variables here, try eating them on their own. If you still have an issue, then you know it’s something in the chips. You could have issues with corn (as many people do, myself included) or it could be the vegetable oil (which is either corn or canola most likely) and both are gut irritants.

      If you aren’t reactive to the corn chips on their own, then eat the salsa on it’s own. It’s possible that something in there could bother you.

  • Debra D’Alessandro

    Yes, more tests, very cool! I would love to see oatmeal tested — both regular “quick oats” and steel cut, that are NOT labeled GF. The verified GF are SOOO much more expensive, and I’d like to see if this is an area I could safely save in my grocery budget. Thanks!

  • Pat

    Chex cereal is labeled “Gluten Free” but my celiac twin daughter says there is contamination at the factory because the raw rice is packaged in contaminated bags. Is this true? I would love to have Chex cereal back in my life!

  • Diane

    Thanks for doing these tests! I’d love it if we could get test results for McCormick’s chile powder. I vote for Chex cereal too, as another poster requested. All of the published food tests that I know about are linked to from this website: Oats not labelled gluten free are definitely NOT gluten free. The test results are the 5th item down on the page.

  • Lesley

    How do you test non-liquid food items?

    • Andrew Cordova

      The same way you test liquids. Except the solid food has to be ground prior to testing. More FAQ’s are covered here

  • Lulu

    Please test some common taco seasonings, any hard alcohol other than beer maybe a flavored one, any decent biscotti not Pamela’s, good Caramel sauce, Quaker corn meal, nestles quick powdered,delallo polenta, Colgate wisps optic white. And Please lip sticks or balms such as Burt’s bees, body shop, any other common drugstore brand.

  • kari

    What about cow and chickens that are fed grains??? does that count?

    • Jennifer @ Gluten Free School

      No, the proteins are digested and the smaller fragments are used to create tissues within the animals’ bodies. They do not remain in the muscle we eat.

      However, if you feed animals cheap, unnatural foods (as is the case with animals fed grains), it creates inflammation in their bodies and fattens them up quickly. A good movie to watch about that is called King Corn and it discusses issues about feeding cattle corn.

  • Brigala

    I’m interested in samplings of various items from Asian grocery stores – regular and glutinous rice flours, tapioca flour, rice noodles, etc.. If these things generally come up safe, that would be a great budget-saver for a lot of people.

  • Leigh

    Hi Andrew, I am curious about Johnny’s Seasoning Salt. The small containers don’t list any gluten items in them, but the larger containers that you get at Costco say they contain wheat. So, are they gluten free or not?

    • Kathy

      I noticed the exact same thing and was confused. I grew up on Johnny’s and love it.

  • Dina

    Yes! AVEENO hand lotion and any other Aveeno product! It is made with oats and when I tried using the formula for eczema it just exacerbated it more. I suspect we may be dealing with cross contamination!

    • Jennifer @ Gluten Free School

      Dina, if the product doesn’t use gluten-free oats, then it has gluten in it. Regular oats are contaminated during processing. Andrew actually shot another video about Quaker Oats that he tested to show that they are not gluten-free. If you use something with oats in it and it doesn’t say gluten-free, assume the product isn’t gluten-free.

  • Dave Barber

    Hi guys. Just a thought. I know this isn’t the same as a gluten testing kit but I refer to this shopping app all the time. It rocks. Tells you if a mainstream grocery product is gluten free and also has links to the company’s food allergen policy. For example, here’s a link discussing Mission brand’s soft corn tortillas which I think “laurie” asked about below. Not manufactured on a wheat line, but processed in the same facility. Doesn’t tell you what the gluten ppm is, of course, but you can make much better decisions about whether you want to take the risk or not.

    Hope this helps.

    • Jennifer @ Gluten Free School

      If the product is made on dedicated lines in a shared facility (which most products are, by the way) and is certified by one of the GF certifying bodies out there like GIG or the NFCA, the product lines are tested to ensure that they fall below 10 ppm (which is lower than the FDA standard). If you see the logo from the Celiac-Sprue Association, the product is regularly tested to be under 5 ppm and cannot include oats.

      Products made in shared facilities have many precautions in place to insure that cross contamination is prevented as is part of their being certified. I’d suggest finding out how they manage their system, if they test their product and if they are certified GF.

      From there, consider that maybe there is something in the product that you are also sensitive to outside of gluten. No one likes that thought, but it is possible to have more than one sensitivity.

  • Bodkin

    If I eat French Fries at a restaurant will they be gluten free ?

    • Andrew Cordova

      No. Any restaurant without a dedicated fryer will never be gluten free.

  • iLiisa

    As most of us are all aware, the FDA passed the 20ppm restriction for a food to be labeled gluten free. Do you have the ability to test the same chicken broth at 20ppm?? I am curious as to whether or not the same product would pass ??

    I am happy that the gluten free world has achieved a HUGE hurdle with the FDA finally passing their decision with gluten free labeling … as a Celiac, 20ppm does not thrill me and I am looking for actual tests that show there is a huge discrepancy between 5 (or 3) ppm vs their approved 20 ppm.

    thanks for everything you do !!!!

    • dusty

      I’m one of the special people, that can’t have any gluten, 0.. Nada, get sick on the 20ppm, so it is very scary for me out there…. sticking with fruits and veggies, and gluten free chicken… I think that the 20ppm should be abolished cause 20ppm is not gluten free, it still has gluten in it… so I’m confused with that labeling….

      • Janet Ravenscraft

        ME too! It feels so lonely, Sad to hear but glad I am not alone in severe reactions. Mine is neurological and GI. HUGS

    • iLiisa

      Sorry … Meant to ask if you have the ability to test at 3 or 5ppm and would the broth fail?

      • Andrew Cordova

        This test was performed at 5ppm and it tested negative.

  • Jamie

    Hi Andrew,
    I was wondering if you could test Bob’s Red Mill GF Pizza Crust. I believe Bob’s Red Mill is trusted band. But every time my daughter and myself eat it we get sick.

    • Lisa (GF Idiot)

      I, too, would love to see some various Bob’s products tested. When they had that little scare with the Canadian Government, some posts were written where lots of people chimed in to say that they frequently get sick from BRM items, despite what the company says about how they test and produce things. I have a pantry FULL of BRM flours and starches. I’d really love to do these tests myself, too, but the strips are out of my budget sadly.

  • Bob ONeill

    My 3 year old is Gluten Intolerant. She LOVES Duck sauce and we give her some as sonething besides ketchup. Can you test La Choy Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce? Thanks!

  • Lisa

    That is good to know Andrew, thanks for sharing!!! I am so scared to eat some foods at times even when they say gluten free!! I ate some chips from walmart, On The Border tortilla chips and got very sick ugh.

  • Jennifer

    As a nurse and a fellow celiac I find it funny that we are so willing to accept 5ppm. Umm hello this is an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten. Stop being okay with 5ppm or any amount of gluten. Even an amount as tiny as 5ppm is causing your autoimmune system distress. You add 5ppm for your chicken then 10 ppm for your crackers etc. one meal could easily add up to 25-30 ppm each meal. Times this by three meals and add snacks. Your not really gluten free and this is why people complain they still feel bad. As an Rn I refused to still be sick and reduced to gf boxed/canned crap. I went paleo. Fruits, veggies, organic meats finally I made progress. Stop helping them sell processed gf crap, take a physiology class and realize that if you want to be well. The 5ppm is not acceptable!!!

  • Jennifer

    5ppm is 5 parts per million of gluten that is not gluten free.

  • Manny

    Hi Andrew, I was wondering if you could test PAN Pre-Cooked white corn meal. There is currently nothing on the package that indicates this as being GF. Ingredients themselves don’t contain gluten. Company will not confirm it is GF. Yet, I had seen a posting a while back which suggested “this is the only Maize Harina for making arepas that is GF”. I am not sure wheather or not to trust the posting and would love to know for sure. Your test would be greatly appreciated. Thanks