Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Almond Flour – Gluten Test 2x

Hi, Andrew Cordova here for Today I’m going to be testing Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Almond Flour for gluten at five parts per million with a glutentox home test kit.

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The reason that I’m testing Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Almond Flour today is because it was recently requested by Lisa, the Gluten-Free Idiot. She asked if I could test something from Bob’s Red Mill because she was concerned.

Recently the Canadian government randomly tested one of Bob’s Red Mill Flours, the sweet white sorghum flour and it tested at 32 parts per million, which is 12 parts per million above the legal limit of 20 parts per million.

Let me give you just a quick background on that. Bob’s Red Mill immediately took a sample from that same lot and tested it in-house and also had a sample tested by a third-party laboratory and both laboratories reported back that the samples had tested gluten-free. One tested even below detectable levels (so there was nothing detectable), which is reassuring to me.

Bobs Almond Flour Gluten TestsI personally never had any issues with Bob’s Red Mill products. I purchase everything from sweet white rice flour to Bob’s Gluten-Free Oats. I never had a problem with them and I’ve been using them now for about a year.

I happened to pick up some almond flour today because I’m going to be baking. I picked up two packages, so I will be testing each one one time. So that’ll be two tests in total. Each one at five parts per million.

I’m really curious. Have you ever had any problems with Bob’s Red Mill products? If so, let me know which one. I might test it in the future.

Are there any other products or surfaces, anything that you’re curious about that you’d like for me to test, let me know in the comment section below.

When you watch the test keep your eye on the little window on the test strip. What we’re looking for is a pink line to appear. If there’s no pink line, it means that the test is negative, there’s no detectable gluten at five parts per million.

So here is the first test of the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Almond Flour. And just to remind you, we’re looking for the pink line to appear. And if the pink line appear, that means the test is positive for gluten at five parts per million.

And we’re coming up on ten minutes and there’s no pink line, so this test is negative for gluten at five parts per million.

Now this is the second test of the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Almond Flour. This is a separate package. This is going to be test no. 2 at five parts per million.

And we’re coming up on ten minutes. Usually if the test is going to be positive, the pink line will show up within just a couple of minutes so I’m positive that this test is negative at five parts per million.

Good news! Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Almond Flour is gluten-free and I will continue to purchase it. I hope you enjoyed these tests. Goodbye.

Bob’s Red Mill Voluntary Withdrawal of Canadian Gluten Free Sweet White Sorghum Flour

 Official Recall

  • Mariama

    Tks for the info. Can test Chex GF, any flavour, pls? My daughter eats only those!

    • jaimilt

      I would be interested in the GF Chex as well, little man eats only the cinnamon flavor.

  • Barry Dixon

    I use Bob’s GF products all of the time and have never had a problem. Their GF cornbread is the best. I add a can of diced green chiles and some sharp cheddar and buttermilk and it is sooooo good. I usually have to bake it longer, 10-20 mins or it is still too wet in the center. Stil moist and damn good!

  • Annie Gingrich

    I live in Canada and use Bob’s Red Mill products and have never had a problem with any of them.

  • Janet

    Thanks so much because we use that product

    • Andrew Cordova

      Welcome :)

  • Noelle Behson Baldwin

    My husband has been having significant symptoms after eating Bob’s Red Mill pizza dough! We’ve been eating it for years but the last two or three times he’s been ill. We’re in Colorado – so could it be a regional shipping thing?

    • Jamie Theis

      My daughter and myself both get sick everytime we’ve had the pizza dough also. We will never buy it again. I would be interested in seeing this tested as well.

      Thank You
      Jamie Theis

  • Michelle White

    I personally don’t use Bob’s red Mill- I had tried it, and didn’t like it ( didn’t like the flavor of things made with it). I use Namste all purpose flour – I found it to be the best tasting and most user friendly for flour substitutions. Though I will eventually be learning to cook… and cook more paleo friendly meals, so I anticipate not having this issue. :)

  • David Southard

    I have been cautioned in regarde to “Bob’s red mill Oatmeal. Do you feel it is safe, have you tested it. Thank You, David C. Southard.

    • Andrew Cordova

      Bobs Red Mill does not make a gluten free oatmeal. But they do make gluten free rolled oats, which I have tested twice at 5ppm and the results were negative (gluten free).

      • Susan Bristow-Mclean

        Are those the Gluten Free Quick Cooking Rolled Oat? It’s hard to find GF oats, let alone quick cooking oats. I’d be willing to try it if you’ve had good results testing twice. Just want to be sure it’s the quick cooking oats though…

        • Andrew Cordova

          They were the GF Rolled Oats, not the Quick Oats.

  • Diane Buege Buendia

    Thank you for testing this, I use lots of Bobs Red Mill flours, starches, & gf oats & have never had an issue.

    How about testing a toaster oven surface that has toasted gluten bread & then been washed & dried thoroughly?

  • Michelle F

    I have had reactions off and on for years to Bob’s Red Mill products. It’s kind of a crap shoot. We had a speaker at one of our gluten intolerance support group meetings who also warned about BRM cross-cotamination. I still buy some because of lower cost and availability but am buying less and less. Luckily, I just found Honeyville Farms Almond Flour at Costco for only $17.99 for 3 pounds so mainly the only thing I’ll be buying from BRM is rice flour for thickening. I’ll buy the almond flour at Costco as long as they are carrying it. So far no reaction, but testing that would be interesting. If it doesn’t come up GF, then I’ll be careful and watch for symptoms.

  • Cheryl Ardis

    I’ve never had an issue with Bobs Red Mill products. Thank you for testing and sharing!

    • Andrew Cordova

      You’re welcome.

  • Debbie Garrett

    The GF oatmeal gave me a huge reaction, twice. I understand about cross-reactivity, but would be interested in having this product tested, as my reaction was as fast and as intense as a full gluten challenge. I use other BRM products, but avoid all oats now.

    • Andrew Cordova

      Which BRM oatmeal is gluten free? I have tested the BRM gf rolled oats 2x at 5ppm and the results were negative (gluten free).

  • grave

    i consistently have a reaction to Bob’s gluten free brownie mix. i’ve tried other brands of gf brownie mixes and i’m ok with all of them except BRM.

  • cheryl M

    I’ve been GF for 8 years, used Bob’s Red Mill the entire time and never had a reaction to their flours or bread mixes. I also have DH which is extremely sensitive to low levels of gluten so I’d be sure to have a reaction. Couple of questions for you, Andrew. Does the Glutentox kit indicate which of the 4 proteins it has detected? Since it detects oat, my GF oatmeal would test positive. Also, why did you choose 5 ppm as your standard since GF is normally defined as 20 ppm? Just curious, as are other members of our celiac support group.

    • Andrew Cordova

      I test everything at 5ppm because that is the lowest detectable level that the glutentox kit allows me to test. If a item tests positive at 5ppm I’ll perform another 2x tests at 20ppm. The glutentox test will detect a non gluten free oat as well as a cross contaminated oat. Gluten free oats would test positive. You can find out more about the glutentox test here

  • MomLady OR

    Thanks! I too use a lot of Bob’s Red Mill and have never had a problem. Glad to have your confirmation.

  • Maria Meyer

    I haven’t had any problems with Bob’s Red Mill flours or starches..I do with the oats, but it turns out I have issues with all oats even when they’re certified G/F

  • Diane Buege Buendia

    Another suggestion: Wilton’s Meringue powder. It states it is made on equipment shared with wheat but I’ve never reacted to it.

  • Mechelle B

    Not too keen on bobs flours but I use the bobs red mill GF all purpose flour from time to time. Maybe test that one next time? My niece wanted me to make her pancakes the other day and I used bobs GF pancake mix. No problems really

  • Patricia McAnaney

    could you please test “arrowhead mills” organic buckwheat flour

  • Karen Michelle Lundeen

    Love Mr Bob….go to his factories/store…which I live near in Oregon….blessed one morning to meet Mr Bob in the parking lot…thanked him for his products…….he has two factories one is totally devoted to his gf products….gluten doesnt enter the building

  • Susan Bristow-Mclean

    Last year I had a reaction after baking with the GF All Purpose Baking Flour. At first I thought perhaps it was from another source, but after using the flour a second time, and having an equally bad reaction, I’ve sworn off their products.

  • Jennifer Odegard

    Andrew, I am always interested to see the results of the tests you do. I just bought two bags of Trader Joe’s almond meal and then realized that the label says “processed in a facility that also processes wheat” and now I’m afraid to use them. Have you ever tested T’S almond flour? Thanks

  • Kat Rutherford

    My roommate cooks gluten-free for me. He used Bob’s All Purpose Flour months ago and I had a really bad reaction to it. So, we threw away the rest of the flour. Recently shopping he forgot, bought it again and I have been sick for two days. I had no idea he was using the flour again. So, I would say that I myself personally will not use any of their gluten-free products again. I have not had a reaction to other products on the market. I feel tonight like I ate pizza. It’s pretty rough.

  • Stephanie Johnson

    I made chocolate chip cookies with Bobs mix yesterday. I got heartburn and burps immediately after eating two of them and have been having bowel problems today.