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How to Go Gluten Free Book

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Andrew:                Hi there. Welcome to the GFMagazine Podcast, episode #14. Andrew Cordova here with my co-host, Rebecca Black. How are you, Rebecca?


Rebecca:               I’m good. How are you?


Andrew:               What have you had to eat today?


Rebecca:               Let’s see, this morning I had an omelet. And then I worked out at lunch. And then I had a shake, my new thing. I always have a new thing. This month, I’m trying hemp seeds for protein in my shakes. So hemp and chia seeds with some fruit and coconut milk. And then I had some Glutino pretzels because I just felt like crunching on something. And now I’m drinking a raw and organic live Kombucha soda. This is my big find of expo eats. It’s my favorite stuff in the universe.


Andrew:                I remember seeing you post about that on…


Rebecca:               Ah, it is so good.


Andrew:                …Instagram a few months ago or a month ago or something like that. I was like, “That looks really good.” There’s even a root beer one, isn’t there?


Rebecca:               Yeah, I’m drinking the cola one, but there’s lemon lime cola and root beer and I forgot, but there are four flavors. They have enzymes in them. They have probiotics in them. I feel like [inaudible 00:01:22]. Seriously, I love this stuff.


Andrew:                What brand is it or what it’s called?


Rebecca:               Okay, it’s called ‘The Raw and Organic Live Kombucha Soda’. It’s non-GMO or fair trade ingredients, organics. It only has 9 grams of sugar and 40 calories. Oh, I’m sorry. This is 1 ½ serving. So it has 15 grams of sugar and about 60 calories for every bottle. Oh, and it says a portion of profits are donated to Cancer research in loving memory of our founder sister, Courtney Ross Dixon.


Andrew:                I like that.


Rebecca:               Yeah, I love that. And there’s 3.5 billion lactobacillus in there and 3.3 billion some other kind of probiotic. That’s a whole lot of belly happiness in one drink.


Andrew:                Yeah, I really – Kombucha. I used to not like it, but I like it. I’m drinking some right now too. I have the Synergy Organic and Raw Kombucha.


Rebecca:               My husband says it smells like feet.


Andrew:                Yeah, it doesn’t smell good.


Rebecca:               Especially if you spill it out on your coach, which I have.


Andrew:                Oh, that’s not good.


Rebecca:               It stinks.


Andrew:                So today, I woke up early today because I’m baking pies to see which pie is good, so I had a good pie to share. I picked up the Synergy Organic Raw Kombucha, but I also picked up some eggs and some pasta and some garlic and some olive oil. For breakfast, I had garlic, olive oil, noodles. I was cooking noodles so that’s all I had so far to eat. And also I had two tablespoons of coconut oil, one cup of coffee and one – it’s like a peach tea, but it’s kind of weird. It tastes like it has milk in it, but there’s no milk or anything. It’s just that peach tea. It tastes weird though.


Rebecca:               Wow! That’s interesting.


Andrew:                What’s that?


Rebecca:               That’s interesting.


Andrew:                Yeah, it is interesting. Yes, that’s what I’ve had to eat today. Today we’re talking about the book that – hopefully you’ve been following along on either getting my email updates, GFMagazine.com. You can subscribe anywhere there. We’ve been talking about the book that Rebecca and I are writing about how to go gluten-free. And today, we just wanted discuss or talk about the book, what is not in the book, who it’s for and yeah, just let you know about why we’re writing it as well. I’ll just start off.


The reason that we came up – I can’t remember if it was you or it was me who thought of writing a book, but what I think is really important is (and we talked about this in the video I made on the website, GFMagazine.com) that it takes someone when they’re first going gluten-free (no matter if you have Celiac Disease or you’re diagnosed with gluten-sensitivity or you have fibromyalgia, you’re going gluten-free for some reason), it takes a really long time to adjust.


And it’s just little things like there’s gluten & licorice or gluten & soy sauce or gluten & play dough or even just giving people tips about cross-contamination, these little things that are difficult to find out until something has happened to you then you go to Google and like, “Oh, I wonder if this has gluten,” it’s like, “Oh, wow! That’s why I actually felt sick.”


Little things like that. And also just to provide emotional support because I realized it through the podcast, I’m pretty sure this is helping a lot of people because I get emails with people telling them that they do. They’re benefiting from hearing us talk about our lives switching, going gluten-free. And I think for people who don’t find the podcast or find anything else, I think it’s good to have one just resource to even read about other people going through the exact same thing.


So more than anything, it’s a starting off point for someone who’s brand new to being gluten-free. My goal is to dramatically decreased the amount of time that someone is accidentally gluten’d and the amount of time it takes for someone to feel comfortable living gluten-free. So that’s what I’m hoping to bring with the book.


Rebecca, why do you think we’re writing this book? What is your personal…


Rebecca:               My experience in this (and I’m going on two years of being gluten-free, coming on), for me, I think it’s important to actually tell people from a real person’s perspective instead of reading a book that you might get from a medical professional or even like Gluten-Free for Dummies. I still think there’s a lot of unanswered questions that people have about just these diseases [inaudible 00:06:38]. Just living this lifestyle is intimate. It really affects more than just your food.


So for me, I just wanted to be able to give people the point of view from actual people that have gone through this to kind of jumpstart and hopefully help them overcome hurdles that I went through, that you went through that really took me a lot longer to get the hang of things versus if I would have had something like this to say that these are things that could happen, these are things that will happen, here’s how we dealt with them, here are normal feelings to have, here’s what other people have said and really create almost like a community book versus a how-to checklist book.


Andrew:                I’m glad that you brought that up. I’m not against the how-to anything for dummies, that series. I personally never purchased one. I think I have Advanced Spanish for Dummies, but I’ve never cracked that book open, but yeah, I think what you said was really important. Giving a real person’s perspective. I think the book will be very unique because it’s coming from two very different people’s perspective. Obviously, I’m a man and Rebecca is a woman. We both have different things, different perspectives and also different challenges that we’ve had to overcome. So I think the book will definitely be special. It’s going to help a lot of people, so I’m stoked about writing it and I’m stoked to have you, we’re writing together. I think it will be a very good blend.


Rebecca:               Awww… so sweet.


Andrew:                Oh, I try. I try. So yeah, that’s why we’re writing the book. Going through the comments back on the blog, GFMagazine.com, I asked for some feedback on the outline and I got a ton of feedback. We got like – I want to say about 200 emails and about over 120 different comments on the blog, so that was awesome. Thank you all for leaving your feedback. Thank you for the suggestions. And actually, the suggestions, this gave us more ideas for maybe another book in the future on just post-going gluten-free, what are some other things that can pop up or making specific books on the emotional side or maybe just creating a book on – I was thinking of even just having something that we can give away that would just be like a lot of different stories of people, their journey of diagnosis with either Celiac disease or just going gluten-free. That was one thing that a lot of people asked for, to read about other people’s stories. So maybe something like that down the line.


But a lot of people were asking about, “Oh, include a lot of baking recipes – some really good bread or how to convert things over from gluten parts to like the gluten-free one…”


Rebecca:               Not for me. I don’t need that.


Andrew:                This is not going to be a baking book. Rebecca and I are not co-bakers, not even close. I’m barely beginning to start baking. I just burnt a pumpkin pie, so that tells you how much I know about baking.


It’s not a cookbook and it’s definitely not a weight loss book. We’re not going to talk about the history of gluten or the wheat, becoming GMO or whatever. You can go read the Wheat Belly book if you want to read about that kind of stuff.


And also this is not a Paleo book. Rebecca and I don’t follow the Paleo diet. And honestly, I don’t know enough about it to write something on it. There’s a ton of people that are experts on living Paleo or anything like that, so you can go check out a Paleo book on Amazon.


This book is an intro for someone who’s brand new doing gluten-free. So if you’re struggling with trying to figure out going gluten-free, this book is going to be for you. This is for someone who is literally brand new to being gluten-free. It’s probably going to have a lot of information that you’ve already in other places if you’ve been gluten-free for like – I want to say, if you’ve been gluten-free for over two years. If you feel that you’re a seasoned gluten-freer, this book is not for you. So I just want to make that very clear. Yeah, it’s for people who are brand new.


Rebecca:               I can’t emphasize enough how much the community really is part of this. That’s what I think that a lot of the books are missing, it’s that human component. So hopefully we’ll give people that.


Andrew:                Yeah, I definitely think so. At minimum, they’ll get a piece of our mind.


Rebecca:               Oh, yeah. They’ll get a piece of my mind for sure.


Andrew:                So yeah, that’s basically what the book is about. That’s what it does have, who it’s for. And honestly, after looking over all the suggestions and everything, I was talking to Rebecca and initially, I was like, “We’re going to whip out this book in 30 days” and then…


Rebecca:               …and then I moved out-of-state.


Andrew:                No, prior to me actually even comprehending writing a book – I’ve never even written a book. I don’t know if you got my email. I told you that I was like super scared.


Rebecca:               What is that? Sorry, hang on a second. I don’t know what’s going on. Music started playing on my computer. Okay, I don’t know what happened. [inaudible 00:12:17] Okay, alright. Go back, start over and talk about going along with the book.


Andrew:                Oh, yeah. So going with the book. We’re not writing a book in 30 days. I think that’s pretty crazy. We’re going to give ourselves a lot of time to make sure it is a well thought of book and very well-written. As you already know probably reading any article I’ve written or any email, I have a really bad grammar. I have a lot of run-on sentences. There’s probably going to be a lot of editing. So whipping out a book in 30 days with my level of grammar and spelling, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible.


So we’re going to look to publish the book on July 1st. That’s our publishing date. If we finish it earlier, that’ll be awesome. But we’re going to give ourselves plenty of time to make it a resource that is worthy to be in your hands. So no rush.


If there’s any other suggestions or topics you’d like for us to cover, shoot them on over to me at andrew@GGMagazine.com, but I think we’ve covered just about everything under the sun in our outline. So look out for it in July. And obviously, if you’re brand new to being gluten-free, this probably is not going to help you out too much, but hopefully, you will be adjusted to living gluten-free seven months from now.


Rebecca:               Or you might have someone that you know needs help because it’s always, “Oh, I know somebody. I have somebody else.” Usually, what happens is then the people that you know are like the new – the new to it are usually the ones that then go to the people who have been doing it for a while. So if you’re getting started now, likely, by the time this comes out, you’ll be the one that people, when they’re starting, “Oh, I forgot! Sue has told me she went gluten-free. I’m going to have to ask her all the questions about it.”


Andrew:                There you go!


Rebecca:               And then you’ll have the resource to send her to.


Andrew:                Awesome! I like the way you think, yeah. Sorry if you thought it was me coming out in like 30 days, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t because anyone who is sane would not write a book in 30 days. That’s pretty crazy. So yeah, that’s it for the book.


Rebecca, you want to read off a listener feedback. We’ve got a review on iTunes which I’m super stoked about.


Rebecca:               We have a review that’s five stars. It says, “Love it!” CJ2013movies from the United States says, “Recently diagnosed with gluten-sensitivity and candida. This podcast  helped me to start understanding gluten in real-world terms. Telling me what they had to eat that day gives me a great visual. Unfortunately, I listened to all the current podcast and I’m eagerly waiting for another one. Keep them coming!”


Well, there’s more where that came from…


Andrew:                Yup!


Rebecca:               I am in my new city, I’m adjusted and I’m ready to go… back on track!


Andrew:                And if you would like to leave us a 5-star review, you can head on over to iTunes and just search gluten-free podcast. We should pop up as #1. Leave us five stars and leave us an awesome review, I’d really appreciate it.


And if you would like to comment on this episode, you can head on over to GFMagazine.com/14. Let us know what you think. I’d love to hear your comments.


So next we’re going to move into the news and updates. This is I guess just me bragging. I was recently contacted by a couple. They emailed me I think it was like two weeks ago. They told me that they live nearby. They told me that they like the magazine. They actually found the magazine through the iPad. She didn’t know about the podcast or the website. They invited me to go have dinner with them. I’m super stoked. I’m going on Friday. If you live in California, somewhere near in Northern California and you would like to have me over for dinner, you can email me at andrew@GFMagazine.com and I will gladly accept your offer.


Rebecca:               That is awesome!


Andrew:                I’m just super stoked to meet someone in person that has met me through a magazine.


Rebecca:               Oh, I did that! I’ve met a couple of people when I’ve been touring the different cities. It’s been fun! It’s fun to meet your fans.


Andrew:                Yeah, that’s totally…


Rebecca:               I love it! I love going to expos and stuff and meeting people. It’s such a great time.


Andrew:                Yeah, I’m stoked.


Rebecca:               It really makes doing those kind of things – if you’re listening, you know Andrew and I do this for free. I run my blog for free. I make very little money when I sell t-shirts or bracelets or whatever. We do it because it’s important to us. It’s a good cause. We believe in it. And so when we do go to events, when I go to events and people call out to me and say, “Oh, I’ve read your blog or I’ve heard about you,” thank you so much.


Just literally one person telling me one thank you a day just is fantastic! It re-energizes me and it reinvigorates. I get excited when work with these podcast or write a new blog post or finding new products for everybody. That’s something that I appreciate. So all of the great feedback, all of the wonderful emails, the social media [inaudible 00:18:07], I love it! Thank you so much.


Andrew:                And I want to just mention another email really quick we got from Rebecca LeFevre there. I think it’s probably French. Her last name looks like it’s spelled LeFevre, but I’m pretty sure it’s spelled differently.


Rebecca:               I think I know that person. I think she might be in my support group on Facebook.


Andrew:                Awesome! Awesome! Anyway, she emailed me and she said, “Thank you. I love your magazine and the podcast. It got me through this massive life change this past 1 ½ year.” So yeah, I get super stoked when people email me stuff like that. So if you are grateful, I would definitely appreciate reading your email. It just makes me feel real good… honestly. I guess it’s pretty selfish, but yeah, I really do enjoy doing this. I like helping people. I like helping people make their life a little bit easier, a little bit less hectic.


So yeah, that’s it for the news and updates. We don’t have any new updates or actually, one more thing.


So just if you didn’t know, I’ve switched over the magazine app and also the app on the iPhone. I’m not publishing like full  issues anymore. Everything that’s published on the website gets published also on the iPad and the iPhone.


The reason I did that is just because honestly, it took a really long time to make each issue and I found that when I published just smaller issues with less content, I can see that more people actually read all the content and I just think it’s more like a better synergy of having all the same content at all the different places. So if you’re on the website, you can check out the stuff there. On your iPhone or your iPad, it’s optimized to the readability, so it’s easier for you to consume the content on the iPad or your iPhone.


So check out the iPad app, GFMagazine. And if you would please head on over – actually, I’ll leave a link in the show notes to leave a review on the iPad app. I’ve recently updated it and we have like 500 5-stars and now it’s like four or five stars. So I want to pop that up to back like 500 5-stars. So if you like the magazines, if you like the podcast, if you like everything we’re doing here, we’d really appreciate a 5-star rating. On your iPad or your iPhone, just head on over to iTunes Store and rate the magazine 5-stars. I would be super appreciative of that.


So that’s my news and updates. You’ve got anything going on, Rebecca?


Rebecca:               Nope, pretty boring over here.


Andrew:                Sounds good. So we will see you next week. We’re back on our regular schedule. You’ll hear from us more often. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you enjoy the podcast. I really appreciate your time. I hope you have a great day. See you all soon!


Rebecca:               Everybody have a great day, yeah.


Andrew:                Bye.


Rebecca:               Bye.