Misconceptions About The Gluten Free Diet – GFM podcast episode 9

Misconceptions About The Gluten Free Diet

This week’s highlights:

1:11 What did you eat today?

3:54 Topic: Misconceptions about the gluten free diet

4:44 GF foods are higher in calories

5:40 Relying on processed foods

7:20 Gluten free part 2

9:20 No medical benefit to a gf diet

14:45 Sympotoms and diseases linked to gluten

15:35 Would you eat gluten after a 30day challenge?

20:10 Celiac disease is the most common life long disease in the US and Canada

26:19 Infertility and menstral cycle

31:20 My challenge for you

33:00 Listener feedback

36:28 News and Updates – GF mag.com is now live

Rebecca going to the FAB Connection in Vegas and Celiac symposium in

39:58 Think About It