Tips For Dating Gluten Free – GFM Podcast Episode 6

Tips For Dating Gluten Free

This week’s highlights:

00:35 – What did you eat today?
04:10 – Topic of the week: Tips for dating GF
04:40 – About Elyse Wagner – The Kitchen Shrink
37:00 – It’s not just about gf
39:02 – A few more tips for dating gf
45:30 – Listener feedback – Write us a review
47:11 – News & updates – The new will soon be live
48:20 – Quotes
50:55 – Be yourself

Resources mentioned My Kitchen Shrink – Elyse Wagner

  • Judy Haight

    Very much enjoyed the discussion on being GF and dating. Good job! I’ve been GF for 10 years, and way back when I asked my mate if he preferred that I cook him separate meals. He said he would eat whatever I fixed. It was a particularly good decision for both of us as he went gluten free seven months later. We are much healthier and happier for that decision.

    • Andrew Cordova

      Sounds like you have a great partner.