GFM 004: How To Prepare For The Week Ahead

Ever get hung up on what to eat during the week? Listen to the podcast and find out how you can prepare for the week ahead and never be hungry again.

GFM 004: How To Prepare For The Week Ahead

This week’s highlights:

1:35 Topic of the week : How to prepare for the week ahead

1:50 Andrew’s Tips

17:01 Rebecca’s Tips

23:03 News and Updates! – Write us a review and win a We Are Gluten Free tote bag.

24:07 Listener Feedback

25:52 Getting started gluten free kick start guide & low impact strength training - signup here

28:07 Quotes

34:04 Lifestyle tips – Start slow cooking!

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

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  • Annie Gingrich

    I finally got around to listening to the podcasts and have learned ideas on what to do. Like Andrew I love cooking my own food and have actually made my place gluten free as much as I know how. I do live by myself so it is easier, but when I stay with my daughter and family it is more of a challenge as they are not living gluten-free at this time.
    A book I recommend that is all about Gluten Intolerance is “Healthier Without Wheat” by Dr. Stephen Wangen. It gave me a lot of insight into Celiac Disease and all the forms of Gluten Intolerance and tests for them that are available. I have not been tested, but am guessing I am Celiac Disease as I have so many reactions that are listed among the definite indicators. I didn’t get tested because I was not going to wait any longer to have the tests done, and was informed that when I stopped eating gluten the test would not indicate if I was Celiac or not. I am 68 years old and have known for about 5 years that I have Gluten Intolerance, thanks to a Natural Health Doctor that helped me to understand what was wrong with me.

    • Andrew Cordova

      I met Dr. Stephen Wangen last year at the Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac forum and his presentation was great, I’d imagine his book is chock full of insight.