2013 Thank You

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Hi Andrew Cordova here for the GFMagazine podcast. Today is Monday December 23rd and it’s 11:08 am here in California.

I’d like to start off by saying thank you! thank you! thank you! for tuning into the podcast these past 7 months.

Rebecca and I have recorded just under 20 episodes and the level of engagement we have experienced in this short time is absolutely inspiring and encouraging. So in 2014 we will be rolling out a new format, we’ll be positing podcasts more frequently, about 2-3 podcasts per week. The episodes will be quick 5-15min episodes.

Christmas is just around the corner, tomorrow is Christmas eve so I thought I’d share a recipe.

For the past few years I’ve decorated sugar cookies with my niece and nephew, and this year I’ll be sharing my sugar cookie recipe with you.

It’s a really simple roll out dough made of mudder I mean melted butter or you can swap it out for coconut oil if you want to make it dairy free, one cup of honey, two eggs, one cup of coconut flour, and one tsp of baking soda. If you want the full recipe click here.

I know its a little late, its already the 23rd but if you have all the ingredients on hand and you would like to decorate some cookies and eat them too I encourage you to check out the recipe.

Other than that, that’s going to be the news for today and I just want to say thank you again so much for tuning into the podcast and telling your friends about it, I really appreciate it and I appreciate you. Until next time, I’ll see you in 2014.

  • PrettyLittleCeliac

    Yes! Thank you everyone for listening to us and joining in the conversations though social media! We appreciate it more than you know :)